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Maine Online Sports Betting

In the Pine Tree State, the sports betting scene has emerged from the waters below like Moby Dick terrorizing the Gulf of Maine. Not content with trapping lobsters, sports loving Mainers can now have a go at catching an even bigger prize without even having to put their sou’westers on. Nice.

If you or anyone you know has a gambling problem, please call 1-800-GAMBLER.

Maine Sports Outright Winners Odds

There are a vast number of sports on which you can bet online – each of our Maine sportsbook betting reviews will tell you exactly what sports are available. As a proud resident of the Pine Tree State, you will easily be able to place online wagers on the following professional Maine based sports teams from your mobile device, tablet or desktop.

Get a Winning Start to Online Betting in Maine

Before you sign up to a sportsbook – make sure you grab one of the sign-up offers on this website by clicking on one of our Claim Offer links above (affiliate disclaimer: we may receive a payment from the sportsbook for this service).

Our links will automatically open the Maine sportsbook sign-up page for you – and also trigger any signup bonus reward mechanism. Depending on the sportsbook – you may also be asked to add a promo or bonus code, these are clearly stated on our offer pages.

By signing up to a sportsbook through Bonus Bet USA and then following the simple bonus-activation process, you will activate the offer listed above and snag your bonus bets. Every offer comes replete with its own terms and conditions, which might include receiving the listed bonuses in multiple bet-increments, time-boxed betting windows, or, what is known as play-through requirements.

These are super-simple yet important to understand. We clearly state the relevant terms & conditions within our offer pages, be sure to read them – an informed bettor is a smarter bettor!

You may need to prove your identification and/or residential status during sign-up, so have a think about where your documentation is before you begin. It is usually your social security number that is requested upfront, but some sportsbooks require further ID checks, usually in the form of a drivers license or state ID card.

It is now legal in Maine to take part in online sports betting and has been since November 2023 when the legislation was finally passed. It’s been a tricky road though with lawmakers in the House of Representatives and Senate disagreeing en route to it finally being approved. As a result, it’s a tentative beginning with only two sportsbooks currently granted licences.

In order to sports bet online in Maine, bettors must be at least 21-years-old and must be within the state borders when they place their bet.

Sports Betting Winnings are Taxable in Maine

Tax is payable by the sportsbooks on all revenues from sports betting in Maine, where it is subject to a fixed rate of 10%. This applies to both licenced operators on their adjusted gross sports revenues on bets, and will be passed on to their customers through reduced payouts and/or adjusted odds.

For individual bettors in the US, all winnings from online sports betting are deemed taxable income at federal level, and so the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requires each person to report and pay tax on all of their winnings from gambling, including sums won through online sports betting. These winnings must be reported as “Other Income” on IRS Form 1040. The particular rate an individual pays is based on their annual earnings.

Who Regulates Maine Sports Betting?

In Maine, all types of betting are administered by the State of Maine Gambling Control Unit – a bureau within the Department of Public Safety, which provides support to a five-member Gambling Control Board appointed by the State Governor. Within their remit is, of course, online sports betting.   

Further Reading:

Can I Bet On Maine College Sports Online?

No, you cannot bet on collegiate sport in Maine, at least not on games involving teams from within the state. Betting is permitted on college sport if the teams involved are from any of the other US states.

Can I Bet On E-Sports Online?

No, betting on E-Sports is not currently legal in Maine. Legislation may eventually come in to include this form of betting but for now it is off-limits.

Responsible Gambling In Maine

Bonus Bet USA supports Fun, Safe & Responsible Gambling. Head to our Responsible Gambling page for more information and links to resources which could be helpful. Gambling and sports betting are designed purely for fun and entertainment, but when they escalate to harmful levels, severe repercussions can follow. In essence, any gambling that negatively impacts your personal or work life constitutes problem gambling.

The notion of responsible gambling encourages secure, controlled, and lawful gambling experiences while reducing the potential harm to individuals, families, and society. The saying “too much of a good thing can be detrimental” is definitely applicable to gambling.

Signs of Problem Gambling

Several warning signs indicate problematic gambling behaviour, such as:

  • Frequently daydreaming about gambling or betting strategies
  • Increasing bets to achieve the thrill of excitement
  • Wagering money not designated for entertainment or money you cannot afford to lose
  • Feeling irritable, anxious, or annoyed when ceasing gambling activities
  • Engaging in illegal activities to support or fund gambling
  • Taking loans to finance gambling
  • Attempting to recover lost funds by placing larger bets
  • Deceiving friends, family, and colleagues about the extent of your gambling

However, the most significant and telling sign of excessive gambling is the inability to stop or reduce it despite attempts to do so. In addiction terminology, this is referred to as acting “without your own permission.”

If you or anyone you know has a gambling problem, please call 1-800-GAMBLER.